Mahatma Gandhi Mother Teresa Institute of Medical Science

Mahatma Gandhi Mother Teresa Institute of Medical Sciences

MGMTIMS (Mahatma Gandhi Mother Teresa Institute of Medical Sciences) is an Educational Foundation and a Registered Limited Company.

A tender sapling laid in 2013 as a provider of health care by a group of us, to repay back our social debts to our people and land, with a vision to establish best medical establishment in the Country, thereby caressing a whole lot of the society under its protective medical educational and health care activities.
It’s a humble place where one and all come in search of care and cure for all their medical and health problems. We envision happy mothers leaving this state of the art, one stop contemporary medical educational and health care complex with healthy babies.
Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without conscious effort and hard work and this path of ours shall lead us to day where our students and alumnus shall disseminate their knowledge all across and cause to eradicate those disastrous medical calamities.
We need young and pure minds with compassion and commitment and we vow to reach and conquer all those shores of medical advancements in the well benefits of the society at large.

Departments: Collaborating to provide quality care

Hospital, equipped with all modern and state of the art equipment and instruments to render the best and quality health care at an affordable cost to one and all, including care to less previleged. Apart from the departments of Medicine and Surgery, departments of OBG, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Physiotherapy shall ensure the attentive and active involvement in service of the needy.
Radiology and imaging department with CT scan, Poly MRI, ultra scans and X-Ray machines, shall be an integral and most formidable part of rendering the efficient and timely medical services. From CT scan to stress, the very best in equipment will be at the disposal of the patient care. The highly dedicated maintenance and biomedical engineering team will always be there for proper upkeep of the equipments and instruments.
Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Department (Department of Oto-Rhino-Larngology) shall provide complete care for children and adults. This subspecialty area of ours will be carried out by well experienced and highly qualified doctors, concentrating on comprehensive treatment of all medical, clinical, surgical and micro surgical services for problems related to ENT.
There will be a highly qualified team of dentists at the hospital’s Dental Department with all modern dental equipment made available. We aim to bring in the days where people with complex congenital dental anomalies or those suffering from trauma’s black marks are no more shying away from the society. With roots firmly deep into and protocols meticulously observed, our dental department shall lead the forays into the intricacies of dentistry. Dental implantation as a process to place artificial post inside the jaw to restore missing tooth or even the entire teeth of the jaw shall be routinely done here.
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology will provide both Outpatient and Inpatient services for all emergencies. Mother and Child Health is prime parameter of developed society and it is here in this department that an integrated service recognizing the importance of catering to both the physical and emotional needs of the mother and child is rendered at all times. The use of less invasive and minimal access surgical techniques and day surgery shall help to enhance the quality of services in the Department of OBG.
The department of Pediatrics will deal with neo-natal care, premature baby care, immunization, congenital abnormalities, early detection and advise for genetic diseases and deficiency syndromes, disability limitation in cases of rickets, scurvy and protein energy malnutrition. This will be a center of excellence for the delivery of care to babies. The neonatal intensive care unit shall deliver special and intensive care to the new born and helps with babies’ transition to the post-natal wards of the maternity wing before going home.

Surgery: Advancing the frontiers of science & medicine

With in-built state of the art operation theatres equipped with the latest in the technology and infrastructure, the science of traumatology shall be rendering the best care for the critically ill patients.
Fifty Operation theatres, which are the output of a very meticulous planning involved at all stages, will be equipped with environmentally controlled air conditioners to prevent theatre infection, piped medicinal and anesthetic gases and all necessary tools for conventional and interventional surgical procedures. All instruments, machines and equipment will undergo delicate process of sterilization after each patient’s care.
ICU & ICCU Attached hitherto hosts those patients who require personalized attention and care 24 hours a day. Well-trained, experienced and dedicated team of technicians, nursing and theatre staff, shall ensure that all these wonders happen at the hospital.

Hospitals: Healing begins with knowledge

The campus shall comprise of a successfully run teaching hospital attached to the college.
The 1,500 bedded general hospital with all specialties shall be the resorts of all acute emergencies and polytrauma cases at all times.
The hospital shall be strengthened with all the necessary diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical aids like a highly equipped dedicated Operation Theatre Complex comprising of 50 theatres in addition to the theatres in casually and individual departments, state of the art Central laboratory, Radiology and imaging department with CT Scan, ultra scan etc.
Out Patient block comprising of all OP Departments shall be dedicated to cater to umpteen numbers of outpatients daily and the inpatient block will simplify accessibility to all facilities available in the campus for patient care.